New International Shipping Options Added to CM33 Kickstarter

After inquiries from prospective backers and looking more into the costs with our shipper, we're happy to add four new countries to our shipping options for the CM33:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom

As with the other options, these shipping prices include all shipping costs, taxes, and duties, so there is no risk of you being surprised by extra costs when your CM33 arrives. Spread the word!

CM33 is Live on Kickstarter!

After about a year and a half of design, development, testing, and prototyping, our first Modula Optical product is public on Kickstarter: the CM33 lens.  We're very excited to launch with a product that is so fundamental -- a very sharp, fast, compact normal prime lens with great build quality and the kind of manual focus precision that drives people to adapt classic lenses to their mirrorless bodies.

And we're very happy that we were able to include a new element to the photographic creative process with our Mod concept. Last year we actually toyed with the idea of building a modernized version of one of the classic "effects" lenses like the Minolta Varisoft or an apodized lens for ultra-smooth bokeh. But in developing the CM33, we realized that rather than pick one of those effects – that normally requires a totally custom lens – we could create the CM33 as a platform to allow those effects to be added and removed as desired. It's an idea we plan to carry forward into lenses we build in the future and is really fun to play with.

You can of course read lots more about the CM33 on as well as our more formal press release on it today. And we'd be very happy if you decided to back the CM33 on Kickstarter. Meeting our campaign goal there really is critical to us getting both the CM33 and Modula Optical off the ground, so check it out and help us get the word out.

-- Matthew