Ending Kickstarter Campaign to Regroup

Things didn’t work out on Kickstarter, but we deeply appreciate all the support we received from everyone -- both backers and just those who shared us, talked about us, or sent us a note of encouragement on what we're trying to do. If you’re interested in staying in the loop on future developments, do subscribe here on our webpage. We hope to be in communication after we've regrouped and figured out our next steps to put great lenses in the hands of discerning mirrorless photographers.

Thanks for the support and happy shooting in the new year!

New CM33 Example Images on Sony a7II Added

We took advantage of the nice weather in Dallas to head to the gardens and take some example photos with our prototype CM33 on our Sony a7II camera body.  We've got a mix of scenic views as well as some close-ups showing the macro capability of the CM33. Even using APS-C mode, we hope you'll agree that the a7II returns great results with the CM33. Enjoy!