We love the feel and precision of classic manual focus lenses, but they were designed for a different generation of camera. With the Modula Optical CM33, we are bringing the best parts of those classic lenses to a modern ultra-compact lens that is optimized specifically for today’s great mirrorless cameras. The CM33 is a 33mm f/2 pancake-style prime lens that delivers stunning image quality and very close macro focus range with specialized optics. It also includes two new unique features for photographers:

  • "Mods" open up a world of powerful and modular optical effects
  • "Focus Finder" provides the greatest possible manual focus precision

We believe there has never been a lens that provides this much creative power and flexibility, especially in an inch-long form factor that fits beautifully with compact mirrorless camera bodies. And the CM33 is “Made in America” in a way that’s not just a label; it’s a comprehensive engineering philosophy that we believe leads directly to high-performance products. We’ve already spent over a year developing the CM33 and we’re excited that it’s now ready to reveal to the world. But we truly need your support to bring the CM33 to production, and to shape Modula Optical’s future roadmap of unique high-quality optical tools.